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Welcome To TEAM INV!

INVictus  [in’vik. tus]


  1. unconquered, unsubdued.
  2. invincible, undisputed, undefeated.
  3. a poem written by William Ernest Henley in 1875 about the will to survive in the face of defeat, chance and circumstance.
INV TECH SERVICES LLC is a leading military and law enforcement supplier focused on equipment supporting tactical missions, range training and targeting, GPS solutions, communications, drones and surveillance. As a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business by the Department of Veterans Affairs, we supply direct to the Department of Defense, Federal Agencies, and state/local Law Enforcement Agencies. We also provide a host of products for the commercial, industrial and private security sectors.

We support our brothers and sisters through the following organizations:

Products & Equipment

Over 30,000 products supporting all types of training and operational missions for Military, Law Enforcement, Security and Investigative Sectors.

Law Enforcement

Training, Tactical, Readiness & Safety Equipment specific to Law Enforcement. Fully customizable department or agency product and equipment solutions.


Attention-to-detail, proper procurement procedures, adherence to regulations and successful delivery of each and every Government project, for Federal, State & Local Government.

Supply Chain & Production Management

With a leadership staff of seasoned professionals, expertise in large scale production projects and supply chain management, Team INV delivers successful results with proper deployment of quality assurance and project oversight.


* Organized, Precise and Detailed Documentation, Follow Through and On-Time Delivery.
* USA Made, ISO & Berry Compliant Products to Meet Solicitation FAR/DFAR & MILSPEC, Contract and Purchasing Compliance.
* Consistently Evolving High-Quality Product Lines to Support Ever Changing Environments.
* Outstanding customer service with dedicated team support for mission critical objectives.


Fed/Mil NSN Items

114 products

Surveillance / Security Equipment

63 products

Security Cameras

27 products


5 products

Communication Equipment

15 products

Firearm Training Systems & Equipment

85 products

GPS Trackers

2 products

Weapon Maintenance, Cleaning, Protection & Lubrication

206 products

Military Cleaning Kits

12 products

Gun Range Targets and Backers

429 products

Military Targets and Facers

142 products

Steel Targets

0 products

Tactical Apparel, Boots, Backpacks & Accessories

40 products

Personal Protective & Safety Equipment (PPE)

138 products


28 products

Tools, Knives, Field Kits & Specialty Tools

169 products

Military Kits

10 products

IED/EOD & Bomb Tech Training and Equipment

38 products

Range Supplies and Equipment

204 products

Range Cleaning and Safety

24 products

Medical Equipment and Supplies

99 products

UAV/UAS Drones

13 products

Drone Cameras

0 products

Weapon Cases and Storage

60 products