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Made in the USA: Defense Contractor INV Tech Services, LLC partners with U.S. Drone Manufacturer, Inspired Flight, to bring top UAV/UAS solutions to DoD and Federal Agencies

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Made in the USA: Defense Contractor INV Tech Services, LLC partners with U.S. Drone Manufacturer, Inspired Flight, to bring top UAV/UAS solutions to DoD and Federal Agencies

As drone technology continues to develop, unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) have become integral to the Department of Defense, Federal Agencies and Law Enforcement.  With the majority of drones overwhelmingly manufactured overseas in countries such as China, security concerns about the use of foreign-made UAVs in national defense have led to the creation of companies like Inspired Flight, which produce drones “100% Made in the USA.”  Inspired Flight has become a key part of the UAV industry and their drones are currently being deployed in a number of federal, state and local government applications.

INV Tech Services, LLC brings to this partnership a solid foundation of Department of Defense and federal contractual experience, core fundamental product development and testing within the government space and a cooperative objective, with Inspired Flight. With the partnership from INV Tech Services and Inspired Flight being on the frontier of the phase-out from overseas manufacturers, to a full ‘Buy-American Act’ compliance, Inspired Flight has successfully continued to launch new hardware and technology platforms, with enhanced flight times and payload capacity for use in a variety of role-specific missions.  Rigorously tested and designed for operational efficiency, these UAVs are at the forefront of drone technology in the US.  Whether deployment of the IF1200 Hexacopter for a SAR (search and rescue) mission or conducting inspections with the IF750 Quadcopter, these drones have the security and durability to get the job done.

American-Made: Inspired Flight

Inspired Flight was created to address a gap in the UAV industry by providing American-made drones, designed with secure and advanced technology.   When engineer Marc Stollmeyer founded Inspired Flight in late 2016, his passion for robotics and UAVs led him to start the company out as a UAV components manufacturer.  Inspired Flight quickly began to grow when it patented the Bernoulli 3 motor.  The Bernoulli 3 motor was the first industrial UAV motor to successfully integrate an ESC, giving it greater efficiency and allowing for in-field replacement.

Inspired Flight then introduced their first complete commercial UAV platform in 2018, quickly growing it into the popular IF750 series of quadcopters currently used in industries worldwide.  From their initial beginnings as a UAV components manufacturer to their recent product launch, Inspired Flight has been committed to innovating and growing the domestic UAV market.  Section 848 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) prohibits the procurement and operation of foreign-manufactured UAVs, which is why all of their manufacturing and testing occurs at their facility in in San Luis Obispo, California.

The Latest Inspired Flight Drones

IF1200 Hexacopter

The new IF1200 Hexacopter is a heavy-lift UAV with superior control and incredible versatility.  With flight times up to 40 minutes and a signal range of 10km, the IF1200 can fly further and longer to successfully complete its mission in one flight.  The innovation of Inspired Flight’s hardware solutions is evident in the IF1200’s BMS enabled smart battery, which provides more reliable power.  It’s also evident in its LIDAR sensor, which helps maintain consistent altitudes even when flying over uneven terrain.

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The IF1200 supports a max payload of 8kgs and features a Universal Payload Interface, allowing you to integrate the aircraft with any number of auxiliary systems for a more targeted mission.  These integrated payloads can range from optical cameras that allow the pilot complete camera control to EO/IR cameras that can be vital in wildlife surveying or pipeline inspection to Lidar systems for extremely accurate 3d models of physical assets or mapping of new terrain.

IF1000 Hexacopter

Inspired Flight’s IF1000 Hexacopter is another UAV that offers enhanced lift capabilities and powerful integrated imaging systems.  Durability is a major asset of the IF1000, as it features a wind resistance of up to 22 knots and an operating temperature range of 14°-122° Fahrenheit.  This makes it the perfect tool for use in defense and public safety missions located in environments with inclement weather.

The IF1000 Hexacopter also uses QGroundControl for autonomous mission planning, an intuitive and DoD-approved mission planning software.  Safety is an important feature of the IF1000, as its design ensures a consistent flight as well as reliable data transfer.  Data collection and processing are done in real time with the IF1000, allowing you to quickly make decisions based on the information you receive from the aircraft.  A timely response is critical in missions of defense and national security, and the IF1000 delivers quality results every time.

IF750 Quadcopter

Efficiency is key to the design of the IF750 Quadcopter, as its flexible payload adaptability and vigorous architecture allow you to use it for a number of critical missions.  The IF750 is closely integrated with two optical imaging systems: the Sony a6500 and the Sony RX1R.  Standard EO/IR integrations include the FLIR Duo Pro R and the Workswell Wiris Security. These systems give the operator greater remote camera control as well as the capability for live geotagging, which can prove vital in detecting lost persons in a search and rescue mission.

The IF750 is also easily transportable, with a portable travel case that allows you to take it to rugged and hard-to-reach terrain without damaging the aircraft.  The drone’s collapsible architecture allows you to quickly set it up and deploy it in as little as five minutes, saving critical time and labor for your mission.  As with all of Inspired Flight’s drones, the IF750 Quadcopter comes with security features that ensure that any data transmitted by the drone is secure and private.

Inspired Flight: Tested, Trusted, Secure

Inspired Flight has proven its commitment to USA made products by ensuring that all of their products are manufactured and tested at the facility in San Luis Obispo, California.  Because they act as a supplier to clients such as the Department of Defense, law enforcement, and federal government agencies, Inspired Flight has committed to advanced safety protocols that guarantee the safety of each mission.  They have gone above and beyond by employing rigorous testing of their UAVs to ensure that every mission is completed reliably and delivers quality results.

Inspired Flight clearly understands the challenges and needs of commercial operators, as each of their vehicles is designed for ease-of-use and efficiency.  Their vehicles not only enable pilots to quickly and safely complete their missions and deliver actionable results, but they also boost the enterprise’s bottom line by saving time and money.  Whether their vehicles are used for critical national security missions or for routine inspections, Inspired Flight’s UAVs are tested, trusted, and secure.

TEAM INV: One. Flag. One Purpose.

Our mission for success doesn’t just include the bottom line. Our staff, partners and ownership fundamentally understand that each and every delivery we undertake for the United States Military, Federal Agency or Law Enforcement department, ultimately means that our products, supplies, or equipment go directly to our soldiers, medical professionals, agents and law enforcement personnel. This is why we do what we do with pride, detail, accountability and oversight. Our brothers and sisters depend on it. Our focus and mission will always be to align ourselves with manufacturers that carry and deploy the same core principles, and this is why we have formed the partnership with Inspired Flight.

INV Tech Services, LLC is a 100% veteran owned and operated, certified, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), by the Department of Veterans Affairs. INV Tech Services, LLC specializes in firearms range training products, targets, tactical equipment, tools, medical supplies, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), range maintenance equipment, specialty kits and supplies along with UAV/UAS products to the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies. We operate with a determined mission, attention-to-detail and we produce results that make the solicitation and procurement process, planning, inspection and delivery, a seamless operation for every contracting command, agency, buyer, or contracting officer.

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