Spy Gear

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  • LawMate PV-900HD Cell Phone Security Camera with DVR

  • LawMate PV-CC10W – 1080P WiFi HD Covert Coffee Lid Camera

  • LawMate PV-AC30 AC Adapter with 480p Security Camera with DVR

  • LawMate PV-FM20HDWI Digital Clock with 1080p Security Wi-Fi Camera w/ Night Vision

  • LawMate PV-UC10I AC USB Charger Security Camera

  • LawMate PV-PB20I Power Bank with 1080p WiFi Security Camera w/DVR

  • LawMate PV-PH10 -1080p HD Car Phone Holder Security Camera w/Infrared Night Vision

  • LawMate PV-IP7 – iPhone Case Mini Security IP Camera w/DVR

  • LawMate PV-DY20i – Do-It-Yourself Customizable WiFi Covert Hidden Camera W/DVR

  • LawMate PV-RC10FHD TV Remote DVR Camera w/ PIR Recording

  • LawMate PV-RC200HDW 1080p HD WiFi Key Fob Covert DVR Camera

  • LawMate PV-RC200HD2 (KR) Key Fob Covert Camera/DVR and Audio Recorder

  • LawMate PV-RC200HD2 (KR) Keychain with 1080p Security Camera w/DVR

  • LawMate ER-18 HD Tactical Headset Camera

  • LawMate RD-30 Radio Frequency, GPS and Camera Detector (COUNTER-SURVEILLANCE)

  • LawMate PV-RC300FHD Law Enforcement Grade HD Body Camera

  • LawMate BU-19 Mini Security Button Camera

  • LawMate BU-18HD Full 1080p HD Mini Loss Prevention Security Button Camera

  • LawMate BU-18HD Mini Security Button Camera with Cone Lens

  • LawMate PV-50HD 720p Matchbox DVR with Spy Camera

  • LawMate RD-10 Radio Frequency and Camera Detector (COUNTER-SURVEILLANCE)

  • LawMate AR-200 Mini Audio Recorder and Landline Audio Recorder

  • LawMate PI-RF60 Remote Control for PV-500 Series Pro DVRs

  • LawMate AR-100 Covert Digital Voice Recorder

  • LawMate BA-4400 – 7 HR Battery For PV-500