AXIL Ghost Stryke 2.0 – Pink


AXIL Ghost Stryke 2.0 – Pink


Fans of earplugs love the Ghost Stryke because they are comfortable, functional, portable and they pack the latest hearing enhancement technology into a device no bigger than a quarter-inch thick. Their subtle design fits flush inside your ear, and their one-button control system makes you the master of your environment. If you’ve experienced electronic head muffs you already understand the idea. Now you can experience performance hearing enhancement and protection with automatic/simultaneous shutdown without the big, bulky head muffs.

Ghost Stryke I The Ghost Stryke are electronic, in-ear hearing protection that also enhance useful sounds up to six time their normal level. It comes with interchangeable foam and silicone tips which allow you to choose your level of hearing protection and comfort. Ghost Stryke come in four different colors, giving you options that suit your style.

Lynx Digital Audio Technology
6x Volume Gain
Scrolling wheel volume control and on/off switch
Up to 30 dB of noise reduction
Digitally block out noises over 85 dB

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in