Counter-Surveillance Kit, All-In-One


All-In-One Counter-Surveillance Detection Kit

  • Detects everything from cameras to GPS trackers and cell phones to RF listening devices; it’s everything you need, all in one case.
  • Includes a durable carrying case to protect equipment and make it easier to move from one location to the next.
  • Professional grade equipment is ideal for law enforcement and volume pricing is available for greater savings when purchasing multiple devices.

In The Box:

  • 218-CAM-DET Stealth Camera Lens Finder
  • 007-DD1203 KJB DD1203 Portable Bug Detector
  • 007-DD12051 RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

Special Feature: Comprehensive kit detects trackers, cameras, and listening devices for secure privacy

To see specs, visit individual product pages:

  • Stealth Camera Lens Finder
  • KJB DD12031 RF Wireless Signal Detector by iProtect
  • RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand


Counter-surveillance kit with everything you need to detect surveillance devices

The perfect counter to surveillance cameras, listening devices, GPS trackers, and cell phone trackers, this professional-grade counter-surveillance Kit has everything you need to protect privacy and security.

Comprehensive counter-surveillance kit for fast, easy detection

  • Camera Detector: Scans a room for both covert and standard security cameras in a matter of seconds

  • Portable Bug Detector: Scans a wide RF band, instantly uncovering every common listening device

  • RF Detector Wand: Lets you scan a suspect for listening devices quickly and efficiently

Designed for law enforcement

The counter-surveillance kit includes the high-quality, professional grade tools necessary to protect the privacy and security of individuals, labs, businesses, and government offices.

The kit comes in a custom, durable carrying case, ideal for safely transporting equipment from one location to another or outfitting officers in the field.

More options. More customization. More savings.

If you'd like to add counter-surveillance devices, body worn cameras, covert cameras, GPS trackers, or any other item to this kit, we're here to help. To customize a counter-surveillance kit or to learn more about volume pricing for multiple kit orders, contact our counter-surveillance specialists.

Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions13.74 × 11.25 × 6 in