Draganflyer Guardian (Base)



The Draganflyer Guardian is an affordable high-performance solution for law enforcement, firefighting, and emergency responders. Crystal-clear real-time data that’s proven to save lives, time, and money. Our proven track record has made us a top choice for law enforcement systems.

10 minute flight time
Single battery system
Quick release payloads
Compact size
Autonomous flight
Practical design

Aircraft weight 900g (1.98lbs)
Payload capacity 420g (.9lbs)
Max speed 40km/hr
Transport case included
Flight planning software included
Complete Ready-To-Fly system




Out of the rugged transport case this aircraft is ready to go. Setup and installation is very straight forward; simply snap the landing struts in place, attach the quick connect payload, install the battery, and you're flying in a matter of minutes. At Draganfly we know that transport case size, weight, and assembly time can be critical. We think you'll agree; the Draganflyer Guardian hits that sweet spot with size, capability, and at the same time, is a very practical solution.

The Draganflyer Guardian comes with a strong list of industry trend setting features such as:

Small form factor
Quick release payload system
Quick release landing gear

Also included is the Draganfly digital video down-link system with digital base-station, allowing you to connect several live viewing devices, acting as a true force multiplier. The custom made handheld controller features a direct sunlight viewable OLED touch screen to monitor critical aircraft telemetry, control the aircraft, and provide camera tilt, zoom, and shutter controls.

Sunlight viewable telemetry screen
Audible alerts
Ergonomically designed
Wireless linking to other controllers

Handheld controller wireless linking is useful in applications such as flight training or applications where a second controller is used with a dedicated camera or payload operator.


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 25.3 × 12.6 × 19.9 in