GEN III Jersey Cuff (Single)


GEN III Jersey Cuff (Single)

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GEN III Jersey Cuff is the only compact flexible restraint on the market that is extremely hard to defeat by criminals. Compact in size — approximately the size of a cigar prior to being deployed, approximately 1/5 the size of most disposable restraints on the market One "pull tab" instead of multiple allows the operator to secure both hands with one pull A non slip hand grip which prevents the operator from losing their grip when their hands are wet, muddy, cold or they are wearing gloves Ease of Assembly — The cuffs are easily disassembled and reattached in multiple configurations to fit any of your needs during emergency situations Multi-Purpose — Allows the operator to secure two Jersey Cuffs together to form leg restraints or prisoner transport belt Packaging Options — They are sold separately for concealment purposes or as "Tac Pac" which tri-folds containing 4 Jersey Cuffs and a Safety Cutter in the bottom Safety Locking System — A stainless steel locking system that offers more resistance while also lowering the potential of over tightening thus reducing potential of injury and civil liability to the user/employer High Strength UV stabilized material


Jersey Tactical

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