CamFil Hi-Flo SR Bag Filter 24” x 24” x 30”


CamFil Hi-Flo SR Bag Filter 24” x 24” x 30”

Camfil’s proprietary high loading SR media is assembled in a tapered pocket design. The combination of the SR media and the tapered pocket design provides full media usage and longer filter lifer. Secondly, the filtering efficiency of this product will never drop below the rated specifications, unlike electrostatically charged synthetic products which compromise the life of secondary HEPA filters and safety of building occupants. Pockets are assembled into a robust ABS header capable of withstanding >15.0″ w.g. without failing.


  • Specifically designed for lead and high loading conditions found in indoor firing ranges.
  • Never falls below its rated filtering efficiency in order to continuously protect occupants and increase life of secondary HEPA filters.
  • Low weight and footprint to significantly reduce hazardous waste disposal costs.


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Hi-Flo SR Data Sheet (Firing Ranges)



Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 30 in