Inspired Flight – IF1200 Multi-Role, Hexacopter Drone / UAV


Inspired Flight – IF1200 Hexicopter – UAV/UAS (NDAA COMPLIANT)

W/Jeti DS-12 Controller & Long Range Telemetry

Introducing the IF1200, a Federally-compliant heavy-lift UAV platform made in the USA. Supporting 8 kg payloads and flight times up to 40 minutes, the IF1200 will soon be the new workhorse in your fleet. An open-system architecture gives users complete control over their aircraft, creating a complete solution for applications including: utility inspection, aerial surveying, public safety, and defense.

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The IF1200’s Universal Payload Interface integrates with any auxiliary system that meets the size and weight requirements. With identical payload spacings to the M600, existing integrations can easily transfer to the IF1200 with minimal downtime. The ability to swap between sensors is a key advantage to the IF1200’s airframe, from Lidar payloads to gimbaled sensors, swapping payloads has never been easier!

Ready for deployment in high-volume, the IF1200 was developed in conjunction with DoD customers as an alternative to the grounded DJI M600. Designed to meet or exceed the M600’s capabilities – with superior ruggedness, flight performance, and an open architecture – the IF1200 provides government customers a durable group 2 UAV platform fully designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA.

RTF PACKAGE (Included with the Jeti DS-12 Controller):

    • IF1200 Smart Batteries
    • IF1200 Travel Case
    • Gremsy U, S1 or T3 Gimbal

OTHER AVAILABLE UPGRADES (These are additional accessories, complementary technologies and payloads and are not included in this package):

    • Gremsy T7 Gimbal
    • Trimble MB-2 RTK
    • Trimble ABX-Two Base Station
    • Workswell Wiris Pro
    • Workswell Wiris Security




Inspired Flight IF1200 Hexicopter - NDAA Compliant - USA Built Drone UAV-UAS

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 57 × 52 × 28 in

The IF1200 supports a range of optical cameras leveraging complete camera control and the ability to write GNSS data directly on the image for photogrammetry and inspection applications.


Commercial and Mil-spec EO/IR cameras integrate into the IF1200’s ecosystem for applications in: Defense, Law Enforcement, wildlife surveying, pipeline inspection, and more.


Capable of supporting any Lidar system under 8 kgs. RTF Configurations are available through a strategic partnership with LIDAR USA. The IF1200 supports their Snoopy line of systems which include Lidar sensors from Riegl, Optech, and Quanergy.


Inspired Flight has developed a proprietary Universal Payload Interface that allows for the integration of nearly any third-party tech stack. This along with an open-system architecture provides an incredibly flexible platform for OEM or experimental UAV applications.