Iraq Kit IED Training Aid


Iraq Kit IED Training Aid


ED-48 (Suicide Vest 4-Pocket)
ED-81 (Timer Pager)
ED-102 (Car Alarm)
ED-104 (Garage door opener)
ED-105 (Family Radio SCR)
ED-108 (Cordless Phone)
ED-113 (RPG Launcher)
ED-120 (Backpack Hostage Device)
ED-126 (Timer Cell Phone)


Iraq Kit Simulated IED Explosive Training Kit. Iraq Kit includes a variety of inert conventional IED's with the focus on items that are being seen in the streets of Iraq. Circuitry level ranges from basic to advanced.The following devices are included:ED-48 (Suicide Vest 4-Pocket), ED-81 (Timer Pager), ED-102 (Car Alarm), ED-104 (Garage door opener), ED-105 (Family Radio SCR), ED-108 (Cordless Phone), ED-113 (RPG Launcher) , ED-120 (Backpack Hostage Device), ED-126 (Timer Cell Phone).

Please note: Responsibility regarding this product and its proper use and disposal requires end-user paperwork.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 12 in