LawMate PV-900HD Cell Phone Security Camera with DVR


LawMate PV-900HD Cell Phone Security Camera with DVR

It looks just like a cell phone, yet records hours of HD quality video on a micro SD card. The PV900EVO DVR is a law enforcement grade DVR built into a cell phone that has motion activation, time and date stamping and high definition covert video recording! The high grade, high resolution low light hidden CCD camera is built into the top of the cell phone. Press a secret function key once you turn the covert video system on for recording and the screen of the cell phone looks like a normal cell phone. No one but you knows that it is recording video. Once the covert video operation footage is obtained, simply walk away with your cell phone. Press another secret function key and the high resolution video with time and date stamping can then be reviewed with the high resolution cell phone screen.

  • Work in dark, high resolution, low lux
  • Disguise screen display:
    (1) cell phone power-on
    (2) Screen-off
  • User friendly interface, snapshot functionality
  • Miniature size earphone camera, simple to use in covert mission
  • High resolution and low power consumption CMOS sensor
  • Complete power and cable accessories kit to use in various applications



LawMate PV-900HD Cell Phone DVR Camera Kit



Additional information

Weight 1.35 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in