LawMate PV-RC10FHD TV Remote DVR Camera w/ PIR Recording


Lawmate PV-RC10FHD TV Remote Control 1080p Covert DVR

Home Remote Covert DVR with 3MP Camera (PIR Activated)

  • Footage will be automatically saved when device runs out of battery
  • 1080p PIR Covert DVR in TV remote design
  • Smallest 3 megapixels pinhole camera made especially for recording use
  • Overwrite function
  • PIR and Continuous recording resolution options
  • PIR function for auto monitoring
  • PIR function for video recording and photo shooting
  • 1080p high definition video 1920X1080 at 30fps .avi format
  • LED indicators for status review on installation,
    (1) Green: battery charging
    (2) Blue: power on / low battery
    (3) Red: video recording / photo shooting
    (4) Bright Green: Overwrite on



LawMate PV-RC10FHD TV Remote Control 1080p Covert DVR



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in