Match Bag & Bag Jack Combo Set


Match Bag & Bag Jack Combo Set

  • Create the optimal shooting position under any condition with the elevation adjustable bag Jack and premium match bag
  •  Built with aluminum and steel components the Bag Jack is a stable shooting platform that won’t wobble or shift on the range bench
  •  Change elevation from 2 3/4″” to 12 3/4″” and anything in between, the bag Jack also compresses into a small footprint for unmatched portability
  • Made from abrasion resistant 600D nylon with micro-suede padding on contact points, the match bag protects the firearm’s finish and won’t tear on quad rails or handguard accessory mounts
  • Designed to tightly squeeze the firearm, the match bag’s large contact patches provide excellent stability for long range and precision Shooting

How often do you set-up shooting rests at the range, only to find that your rifle isn’t at the proper height; or the seat is too high for the bench? Lyman’s Bag Jack is designed to make it easy to adjust the elevation of your rifle and bring it into line with your target, while also allowing you to maintain a comfortable shooting position. Compact, stable, and infinitely adjustable, the Bag Jack is the perfect platform to set up your shooting rest at the range. Create the optimal shooting position under any shooting conditions. The Bag Jack corrects the height with a simple turn of the adjustment knob. The lift is made from sturdy aluminum and steel components and has a non-slip textured platform. The lift is 10 x 10 so it can accommodate the largest size rests, and collapses for unmatched portability.



Match Bag & Bag Jack Combo Set
Match Bag & Bag Jack Combo Set

Additional information

Weight 9.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in