Portable Bullet Trap Bracket – AutoTargets


Portable Bullet Trap Bracket – AutoTargets

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The Portable Bullet Trap Bracket is used to mount the AutoTargets Bullet Trap Lifter unit to our Portable Bullet Traps. DESCRIPTION AutoTargets is a portable, reactive, hit-sensing target system that presents targets in a pop-up method. The bullet trap lifter (BTL) is specifically designed to interface with the Portable Bullet Trap. The patent pending target design can sense bullet impacts in up to four scoring zones. As metallic projectiles pass through the target zones they provide feedback wirelessly to an application on the tablet controller. Since there is never any risk of splatter or ricochet from the target, AutoTargets is perfect for training at any distance, and with any caliber. A simple on-screen interface allows users to connect multiple targets wirelessly over a mesh network while representing each target individually on the screen. Lift units can link wirelessly together and be repositioned at any time or anywhere in the training environment. From a tablet computer via an app, users can raise and drop targets, set the number and location of hits required to drop a target, and create shooting scenarios with multiple targets in a defined series. The app also provides a reviewable record for shooter performance evaluation of hits on target, par times, and split times with built-in scoring and course timing. USE AutoTargets BTLs enhance training and the shooting experience. It is effective in shoot houses, Hogan's alleys, and other close quarters combat environments. Because the system can be quickly moved and repositioned in a Shoot House, target placement is unpredictable for shooters and more realistic. Each target can be individually programmed with different "hits-to-fall" requirements forcing trainees to engage targets until they fall, further reinforcing acceptable and effective use of force expectations. Targets can also be assigned a points value requirement to fall. Higher points are awarded for A-Zone hits, while non-vital hits receive less points. More accurate shooters will have targets that fall with fewer shots. Other targets can be required to score more points to fall. This type of training provides new realism for shooters, as no two engagements are the same. SPECIFICATIONS AutoTargets utilizes several components to provide maximum flexibility on the range. The BTL attaches to a bracket behind the Portable Bullet Trap, protecting vital components from impacts. The falling motion of the target retracts the target within the base area of the bullet trap, conserving space in the engagement zone for other operations. Proprietary live-fire Hit-Sync targets are required for use with AutoTargets lift units for hit sensing functionality. Lift units are designed to work with commercially available CO2 bottles or connected to clean compressed air, both at 60 psi. BTLs are powered by rechargeable Lithium-Polymer or Lithium-Ion batteries designed to last beyond a heavy training day. The integrated WiFi antenna provides connectivity up to 250 yds with line of sight and functions well in standard single-story shoot houses. Optional equipment can extend the range up to 1200 yds or provide coverage where signals may be weaker. LIFT UNIT Pneumatics: 60 psi operating pressure, one 20 oz CO2 tank is capable of up to 1000 lift cycles Electronics: 3-Cell 4000 mAh LiPo battery (provides about 8,000 lifts or 20 hours of standby) Full Footprint Width with Target Down: 50.375" Full Height with Target Up: 39.696" Weight: 15 lbs Target Presentation Speed: 0.5—0.75 seconds Operating Temperature: 0—120° F Configuration: For use with Portable Bullet Trap only. Mounting bracket required. HIT SYNC TARGET (sold separately, sku 801-24065) Size: 16" x 32" Construction: Laminated with conductive material, detects hit location Supported Ammunition: Projectile must be metallic (conductive) Up to .50 BMG Shotgun must use #4 buckshot or larger Estimated Target Life: 500—1000 rounds, based on caliber Freezing temperatures may reduce the ability to daisy-chain lift units. Requires optional mounting bracket. Shotguns wear targets faster.

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Weight 20 lbs
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