SASP Small Kit – PT Scout 2×4 Stand


The PT Scout is the official target on the Scholastic Action Shooting Program. As a founding partner, Action Target has always supported youth shooters and members of the SASP. The PT Scout was developed specifically for action shooting. Working with SASP leadership, professional shooters and youth teams in this program we are confident that this is the very best target system your team can own.

This kit provides all of the steel targets required for setting up each stage for SASP practice or competition individually, and select stages up to two at a time. Just cut the correct lengths of 2x4s for each stage or configuration. No tools are required to assemble and reconfigure targets, leaving more time for training on the range and reducing the amount of gear needed to get you going. 2x4s are not included and should be purchased at your local hardware store.

The PT Scout’s compact design means you can take the entire competition set with you to the range in the trunk of most sedans, and easily in the bed of a truck.


11 target heads

(4) 18″ x 24″ Rectangle PT Scout AR500

(2) 10″ Circle PT Scout AR500

(5) 12″ Circle PT Scout AR500

11 target stands

PT Scout Stand Kit

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Weight 40 lbs